Skin Care -toner/moisturizer combo for normal/dry,oily skin, NATURAL, sensitive skin help

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This set is the natural and better for your skin answer to those alcohol based astringents  and chemical filled- oils in the store. 

Step 1- cleanse your face with your choice of cleanser (I love cold cream!)

Step 2 - spritz your face with the toner for your skin type. It's so refreshing! Gets the last traces of make-up off, tightens pores, and the essential oils are FABULOUS for your skin. This toner is natural plan-based goodness.

Toner-Oily skin is tea tree infused distilled water with bergamot, lavender and tea tree essential oils.
Toner- Dry/Normal skin is lavender/rose infused distilled water, with geranium, lavender and tea tree essential oils.

All these essential oils are designed to help skin cell growth, rejuvenate tired and dull skin, and help brighten your complexion. 

Step 3- Use the natural moisturizer for your skin type. Sounds weird, I know, but essential oils in the jojoba and apricot kernel oils make a wonderful moisturizer, and a VERY little goes a long way. I put a bit on my palms and dab it on my face.

Moisturizer-Oily skin contains essential oils of lavender, bergamot, geranium and sandalwood, with witch hazel and glycerin.
Moisturizer-Dry/Normal skin contains lavender, tea tree, sandalwood, geranium, with glycerin.

You can specify if you have normal/dry or oily skin. 
~~A little goes a long way with this! One happy customer uses this everyday, and orders the 2oz bottles every other month~

You can choose from 1 or 2oz sizes.

Here is one latest review~

*****my daughter is very pleased with the results from the toner and moisturizer. Initially we wondered if it would be effective for her because oiliness is not her issue, but it is working really well for her!*****

Women have been using essential oils for skin care for thousands of years. Stop spending so much on the store brands and Go natural!!