Body Lotion~Shea Butter~ultra moisturizing/no chemicals/Healing Skin care Sage's Aromatherapy

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Is there anything more luscious for your skin than lotion made with creamy Shea Butter? Your skin will feel softer and more moisturized than ever.
Many Shea Butter lotions on the market have a very small amount of shea butter in them. I'm not sure how they get away with marketing that as shea butter lotion, but it makes me wonder...what else in in it??

My lotion is  50% shea butter!

Shea Butter Lotion comes in the following scents:

~Frankincense & Myrrh (with the pure essential oils) Frankincense and Myrrh both repair and rejuvenate dry, dull, aging skin.

~Blood Orange & Citrus - with blood orange, lemon, orange and grapefruit essential oils. This is a refreshing, eye opening scent that wakes up your brain. Citrus oils also revitalize dull skin.

~Lavender & Yarrow - a lightly floral, calming scent.

~Dancing Hippie - patchouli with white musk and nepal sandalwood. (currently out of, so if you'd like it please give me 10 days)

~Vanilla Musk - vanilla with African Musk, clove and patchouli

~Dragon's Blood with Lavender - 'nuff said. This one is exotic and perfect!


~Blood Orange & Vanilla

~Cool Peppermint- great and soothing for the feet! 

If you have a custom request just message me and I'll see if I can make yours with the next batch. 

As with all my products, I use only the finest ingredients. Organic shea butter, locally sourced organic beeswax, Organic coconut oil and therapeutic essential oils of the best quality.

This Shea Butter lotion is creamier, and more of a lotion, than the Shea Butter body creme I also make.  The Body Creme is almost pure whipped shea butter, is thicker and is for ultra dry skin.

Shea Butter Lotion comes in several sizes in a paraben-free plastic jar. 

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