Sensual~natural perfume, light, romantic

Sensual~natural perfume, light, romantic

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SENSUAL. This unique aromatherapy oil is designed to draw sensuality to you- to bring out your own sensual self, and it does just that... it increases your sensuality by it's intoxicating aroma.

Essential oils of dark patchouli, sandalwood and rosewood combine for raw, heated sensuality. The patchouli is rounded off with the rosewood, and the sandalwood is straight from India... if you're looking for something sexy but not heavy...this is it.

Sensual is unisex. Not heavy masculine, and not light and feminine. Think CK-1~

Sensual is in a 10ml glass vial with a roller top as an easy roll-on to anoint your pulse points. Carry this with you and re-apply as needed during the day.

The 2oz oil is a moisturizing body/massage oil~ Moisturize yourself after shower, or use it as a sensual massage with the one you love~