Satyr Oil~ Natural Blend, Ancient & Deep, Unisex

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Satyr Oil- even the name sounds enticing, doesn't it?

This musky, aromatic oil blend is based on an ancient, powerful aphrodisiac, designed to work with your own body chemistry.
Satyr Oil is  Arabian musk, a dark, deep patchouli, real amber, cinnamon, vanilla, rose and clove. Sometimes there's that hint of sweetness, and sometimes that deep and musky.
Ancient stories tell~ Using planetary and elemental influences, SATYR oil is a man's way of giving honor to the Gods, and himself, when he wears this.

At least, that's the ancient principal behind Satyr Oil.
Satyr Oil is made for a man, but don't be surprised if your woman steals it for herself.

Men have been wearing this to attract love and sensuality to themselves for eons- order yours today to awaken your own sensuality.

***the latest review:

Awesome smell that invigorates and excites the wife loves it. It stays on your person esp when applied to the pulse points like the wrists. No doubt it does good for the aura as well. I've gotten compliments from the opposite gender who said i look and feel different.

Choose Satyr oil is a 10ml roll-on when you want to apply to your pulse points. It travels easy and makes a nice gift.

Or choose Satyr oil in a 1/2 or 1oz bottle. Put a few drops on your pulse points, as you would any cologne.

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