Peat Moss~Earthy Natural Perfume with patchouli

  • $ 12.00

Peat Moss~ Natural perfume. For a woman or a man.
Let's start with some dark patchouli. There's so many patchouli's on the market... and this one is very rich but not overpowering . Add some Arabian musk, then a woodsy scent of Texas cedarwood oil. Nepal sandalwood, my homemade vanilla oil and a hint of clove... doesn't it sound wonderful??

It's my favorite... and one of the most popular scents that sells out quickly when I do in-person shows.
It seems to conform to your own body chemistry. It is nature. It is earth.

Someone once described this scent as 'looking into her soul'. Imagine walking through a misty, morning forest. A hint of the fog is blanketing the trees and you can smell the fiery heat of romance in the air. It's Bohemian Chic ~ That is the scent that is Peat Moss.

Available in a 10 ml roll-on so you can carry it everywhere.

Now- Peat Moss is also available as a body spray. In a 1 or 2oz glass bottle- this body spray is oil based~ so it makes a great scented body oil for after the shower.