Moody Moony- Aromatherapy Spray Mood Stabilizer

Moody Moony- Aromatherapy Spray Mood Stabilizer

  • $ 14.00

Moody Moony aromatherapy spray- helps you stabilize your mood during menopause.  We also call is Bitch Slap spray, as it helps you keep your mood swings under control!

Sometimes the hormones are necessary (speaking about menopausal support), but I prefer to do what I can the natural way.
Essential oils and aromatherapy play a key part in helping women get through those rough times. Menopause, PMS, days when the black mood won't go away... I use my blends for all these issues.

Moody Moony contains essential oils of geranium, sage, clary-sage, fennel, lavender, and bergamot with evening primrose oil. These oils hep to calm the nerves, and both calm the senses and stimulate them into working on a nice, 'even' level.

Here's the latest review~~
"Aromatic without being medicinal smelling or overpowering, this calm in a bottle is perfect for spritzing on in the middle of a hot flash!"
As with all my products, please let me know if you are allergic to any of the oils, and I'll see if a suitable substitution can be done.

Carry this with you and spray it on your wrists to help with those times when you'd rather break someone's neck than be nice to them.

This comes in a 1 oz spray bottle.