Lavender Dreams~Natural Perfume with vanilla

  • $ 12.00

Lavender is calming, but add exotic sandalwood and vanilla and you're a part of a misty cloud in a faraway land~~ Sounds utterly fabulous, doesn't it??

Now, most vanilla essential oil has a sickly sweet smell. But REAL vanilla- it's that very warm, very real smell of true vanilla. I infuse my own oil with real vanilla beans and the smell is extraordinary. If you like vanilla, you will love this~

Lavender and Sandalwood essential oils in a base of vanilla infused oil is my Vanilla & Lavender Dreams.

Lavender Dreams comes as a natural perfume, in an oil base, in a handy 10 ml roll-on vial to roll on your pulse points.

Or  choose the 2.7 oz spray bottle, with a distilled water base- for your body, for your sheets, for your room...

You can also choose the bath and body/massage oil option~ lavender dreams in a 2oz moisturizing oil!

Either way, if you love lavender you'll fall in love with Lavender Dreams.