Home Spa Gift Basket for Women~spa products, bath oils, skin care

  • $ 49.00

Bring the spa home with this beautifully decorated gift basket full of products desiged to pamper you! The gift basket in the picture is one of many I have. Please let me know the occasion you're buying it for so I know how to decorate it.

Essential oils and aromatherapy have been making women look great for centuries.
~How did Cleopatra get luxurious, silky hair?
~ What did women put on their face before chemicals were introduced??
~How do you get that dry skin off your feet?
Peek inside the basket and you'll find-

*Skin Tonic facial toner-rose infused water with essential oils of tea tree, lavender and geranium. Made for skin tightening and oil removal. Spritz your face after cleaning, and then use...

*Love my Skin Moisturizer- with jojoba and apricot kernel oils- your skin will love this! With anti-bacterial and anti-sebum (oil) properties, this adds natural moisturizer and clarity to your skin. With essential oils of geranium, lavender, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and tea-tree.

~~The tonic and the moisturizer come in 1oz glass bottles.

*Hair Tonic-much better than those store bought hot oil treatments! Your hair doesn't need chemicals. It needs moisturizing avocado and jojoba oil, with essential oils to give it clarity. Massage a small bit onto your scalp, then run hands through hair to help control the frizzies! ~hair tonic comes in a 1/2 oz bottle.

*Lip Potion- Vanilla and Lavender oils in a palm and coconut oil/beeswax base. Luscious, smooth lips! ~~~ lip potion comes in a 1oz jar.

*Body Sugar Scrub- Lavender & Mint with coconut oils. It will leave your feet and other dry parts silky smooth! Get rid of that dead skin! (If you have another favorite scent let me know and I'll try to accommodate you) ~~~ The sugar scrub comes in a 2-4 oz jar.

Yummy, luxurious, natural products that you don't need to go to the spa for- bring the spa to your own bathroom!

~~~substitutions are available. For Instance, if you don't like the Hair Tonic, you can get a Body Oil for spritzing and moisturizing after the shower!

The style of basket might vary from the picture- but it will be beautiful and decorated.

None of my products have chemicals, and are made with the finest ingredients.

Sold separately, this is a $57 value.