Healthy Life mini gift box, massage balm, arthritis, migraines, cute stocking stuffer!

  • $ 23.00

A perfect mini gift basket for the person trying to stay healthy! And such a unique affordable gift~ check it out~~

You get a 1 oz MAGI balm, your aches and pains balm. Arthritis, joint inflammation, MAGI is a wonderful all over healing balm.

Then there is a 10ml roll on of migraine madness. Migraine Madness- with essential oils of peppermint, rose, eucalyptus, chamomile and marjoram.
Simply roll some on your temples and the back of your neck at the first sign of head pain~ nice and soothing and not a strong scent.

Then to round it all out you get a 2 dram bottle of Defense Oil . This is your all around stay healthy, anti- fungal, anti- bacterial ward off the cold oil! This was formerly named Aladdin's Thieves oil. I wear a few drops daily in my wrists to help me stay healthy, especially in the winter.

The mini gift box comes nestled in a bed of confetti or peat moss, in a
little 4x4 box you can gift wrap.

***My products use essential oils, which have properties that affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. This information is for educational purposes only, products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and are not FDA approved. Please consult your Doctor of Naturopathy if you are on medication to see if the essential oils are contraindicated, or if you are pregnant. **