Gift Box for Natural Health with Muscle balm,Herbal decongestant,Migraine, tea tree oil

  • $ 45.00

This basket belongs in every medicine chest! It has most everything you need for the most common ailments, and will be loved by anyone who is trying to stay away from chemicals and instead use the goodness that nature provides. What did people use before pharmacy's? They foraged...they used the herbs found in nature and they healed.

You get:
*MAGI balm- the all around healing balm. A comfrey based balm great for arthritis, muscle aches, joint inflammation, soothing bug bites and stings. It contains essential oils of eucalyptus, ginger, rose-hip, carrot, lavender, chamomile, arnica oil and capsicum. A nice 2 oz jar

*Herbal Decongestant- a beeswax based chest rub perfect to combat colds, COPD, bronchitis, asthma...put it on your chest and the soles of your feet. Soaks in easily and is wonderful for old and young alike! A 1 oz jar

*Defense oil- the all around anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti- plague, anti-flu oil. Wear a few drops daily on your wrist...add to a diffuser or a humidifier...the uses are endless. This is my version of that t*&$%s oil by a large MLM company which shall not be named. 1/2 oz bottle

*Migraine Oil in a roll-on-essential oils of marjoram, eucalyptus, chamomile, rose and peppermint. 10 ml roll on

*Tea Tree oil- this is the essential oil you can put on your skin directly- just a drop!- to help fight infection and minimize scarring. 2 dram bottle

This amazing basket will be loved and appreciated by any who receive it! All the gift baskets come beautifully decorated- all you have to do is add your gift tag (which I will do for you if you ask)

As with all my products, I use only the finest essential oils and NO chemicals.

This is a $52 value if sold separately.