Flippin Fibro- Massage Oil for neuropathy, fibroymalgia, SCIATICA, natural oil

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Fibromyalgia, nerve pain, sciatica, neuropathy...this is your natural pain relieving massage oil.

Essential oils can provide a measure of relief from nerve pain. For some people that relief is HUGE and for some people, it just makes them a bit more comfortable. I've had many people comment on the HUGE amount of relief they get.

.*********Here's what one happy customer says:
I use this oil all of the time for my fibro and it works better than anything else that I have tried. Also seems to soothe migraine pain for me, so this oil is definitely a keeper for me.********

***My order arrived today and I couldn't be happier, you've done great work and I wanted you to know how grateful I am to see something specifically designed for fibromyalgia.
I've already put a review up, but I wanted to sing your praises not just the products'! A respite from pain can seem like a mythical thing when you have a chronic illness yet here I am catching a bit of a breather and that is thanks to you.****

In the latest review, one customer simply said "This is a magic potion."

When you first start using it you might get a slight headache- but that's ok!! It's your body's detox response to the bad ju-ju leaving your body.

The essential oils used have anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and are active against the mycoplasmas that attack your nerve endings. This oil may help your muscular, psychological and emotional state.

Flippin Fibro contains a proprietary blend of essential oils, that include rosemary, peppermint, and marjoram. You will get a complete list with your order. ***Please let me know if you are allergic to anything! ***

Choose from a 1 or 2 oz bottle with a dropper top, or a 10ml roll-on. The roll-on is nice for on the go healing, but trust me, you'll go through it quickly with daily use.

****For those who suffer from RA, the Fibro oil combined with the MAGI balm for muscles and joint inflammation works wonderful together. Put the balm on first then follow it with the oil. There's two completely different sets of healing oils, all designed to target different areas of pain.

if you're interested in donating to the Fibromyalgia research fund it's at www.affter.org

This is not designed to replace medical advice. Please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor or doctor of naturopathy if you have medical questions. Essential oils contain properties which have been shown to help certain conditions, but they are not without their own risk, especially if made by someone without experience and proper training.

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