Flippin Fibro/MAGI Balm Set~ help for nerve and muscle pain

Flippin Fibro/MAGI Balm Set~ help for nerve and muscle pain

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MAGI Balm is an all around healing salve for arthritis and muscle aches, joint inflammation, muscle fatigue, growing pains, rashes... the more you use this balm the more you'll find uses for it.
Long before the over-the-counter balm appeared with that eye-watering scent, people used natural herbs and oils to calm inflammation, ease and arthritis and promote healing. MAGI balm is one of those all-around balms you should keep on hand.

One happy person even told me she puts this on the soles of her feet to ease the pain of standing all day. Plus, our feet are pathways to health for our body, and can quickly absorb the healing benefits.
          And NO chemicals! Safe for the little ones.

Flippin Fibro is the topical massage oil that helps alleviate the pain associated with nerve issues, such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and SCIATICA. Lower back pain? Use this oil!

Here's several reviews:

***My order arrived today and I couldn't be happier, you've done great work and I wanted you to know how grateful I am to see something specifically designed for fibromyalgia.
I've already put a review up, but I wanted to sing your praises not just the products'! A respite from pain can seem like a mythical thing when you have a chronic illness yet here I am catching a bit of a breather and that is thanks to you.****

****This salve is extremely effective. I have chronic pain issues and the Magi Balm provides great relief. I've given this to friends and it has helped with arthritis, muscle aches, even headaches. I can't live without this wonderful and wonderful-smelling salve. ****

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