Defense~Immune Boosting, Stay Healthy Oil

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Defense is the one oil everyone needs in their medicine chest!  There are similar products out there, but I believe mine is better~ and works! It's anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, stay healthy oil.

These herbs found in Defense became well known in history for their defense against the Black Plague- this blend is my unique twist on this old recipe.
This has an earthy blend of
~clove ~lemon
~cinnamon ~eucalyptus
Gives you that one-two punch against germs and sickness, plus these oils have immune system strengthening qualities. This is also a wonderful defense against airborne bacteria.
Wear a few drops on your wrists daily, especially in the winter when people are sick. 
This oil works great for a toothache. Don a cotton swab in it and put it directly on the tooth and gum area.

***Defense is an integral addition to your Natural First Aid kit! Keep it handy****

You can also apply a drop of this to the bottom of your feet before bedtime as a stay-healthy measure.

Defense is available in various sizes, as a room (water based) spray or as an oil to wear (what I use daily). Use this for on-the-go healing or when you travel. The spray is great for your car and as a disinfecting agent for your home.

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