Dancing Hippie~In-Your-Face Dark Patchouli Natural Perfume

  • $ 12.00

Dancing Hippie- the deep essential oil natural perfume for those free spirits and hippie kids of all ages.
Do you love dancing in the forest? Does your spirit long to be free~ to love, to sing, to live? This is the scent for you~

Dancing Hippie is dark patchouli~ the deepest, sexiest dark patchouli I've ever found, with just a hint of white musk and Nepal sandalwood. Just enough to round it out.

Dancing Hippie comes in a 10ml roll-on... How easy is that for carrying around? 

You can also buy Dancing Hippie as a body spray~ moisturizing AND it smells oh so great. The body spray comes in a 2 oz glass bottle. 

Are you wild enough for Dancing Hippie? 

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