Breathe Collection- Oils & salves to fight colds/ bronchitis   Sage's Aromatherapy

Breathe Collection- Oils & salves to fight colds/ bronchitis Sage's Aromatherapy

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The Breathe collection helps fight chronic bronchitis, colds, asthma, COPD, even cystic fibrosis sufferers have ordered this and found some relief. Young and old alike- keep this collection in your medicine chest and be ready for when sickness strikes.

Your first product is Breathe Better Essential oil blend, a massage oil for your chest, neck and back with essential oils to help open your airways. This is wonderful straight from the bottle or warmed up a bit. At night, rub this oil on your feet for optimum healing as our feet are healing pathways to the rest of our body!
Made with essential oils of eucalyptus, ginger, cypress, helichrysum and rosemary. Smells good, works great!

The second product is Herbal Decongestant Salve- the natural chest rub. Rub a bit on your chest when you feel that cold coming on, or weekly during the winter months as a preventative measure. This also is a wonderful headache relief balm when used on your temples and the back of your neck.
This salve contains eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, thyme, ginger, clove and tea tree oil in a beeswax and carrier oil base. There is no harsh menthol smell~ it's soothing, calming and refreshing to your senses.  This is a good salve to use on your kids over 1 year when they have the sniffles!

The third product is Defense Oil- the natural, all-around good health anti-bacterial, anti-fungal keep-the-illness- away oil. Wear just a bit of this daily on your wrists to help strengthen your immune system and ward off bacteria- also great in a diffuser! Defense is made with essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon and clove.

And the last product is the Lavender with Rosemary and Yarrow calming aromatherapy spray- great for your sheets or spray in the air to relax you and help you sleep.
here is what the latest customer says about this Breath Collection~~
       I'd already tried the herbal decongestant salve via a sample so I knew that was outstanding for coughs but had no idea at all what the other items in this kit would really do for me. Well, after using the Breathe and Defense oils, in conjunction with the salve, my sinuses have finally started to drain, this after almost two full months of unrelenting congestion that has caused intermittent headaches, earaches, and dental pain.

This is a must have for your medicine chest!