Beard Oil~moisturizing/lightly scented/ with avocado/jojoba oils Sage's Aromatherapy

  • $ 12.00

This beard oil is ultra moisturizing and has a light, subtle scent~ I've looked at other beard oils out there. Some good, some... Not so good.
This has been tested and loved my many men... And their partners that get to stroke that beard! It works when you're just starting to grow one and your skin it itchy. It helps when you have a long one and it gets dry or doesn't lay smooth.
Avocado, almond, jojoba oil and vitamin E are soothing without being greasy.

Choose from the following scents:
~ "He Ain't Heavy" - vetivert, rosemary and cedarwood. This is a masculine, deep scent.
  (very popular!)

~ "Fresh as a Glen"- Bergamot, bay and cypress. Fresh and woodsy! (very popular!)

~ "Have a Dandy Morning!" - Basil and Sage. A clean scent to wake you up in the morning!

~Bay Rum

~Aqua D'Gio

~Smooth Whiskey

~Nepal Sandalwood

~Count of Monte Cristo (with tea tree and cedarwood) (very popular!)

~Dark patchouli

~African Musk

~Cedar & Sage (very popular!)

~Cedar Leather

~Defense (thieves) Scent

~Ocean Breeze

If you want no scent you can specify that in a convo to me.

Beard Oil comes in 1 or 1/2 oz sizes, in a glass bottle. Put just a bit on your palms, run it once through your beard in the morning and you're done!