Healthy Body Gift Box~unisex gift, body care products, aromatherapy

  • $ 51.00

Natural Healthy Body gift basket is the gift box for everyone!

What to give the person in your life who values her health? Takes care of herself, and everyone around her? Give the Naturally Healthy Body Gift Box, full of natural products she'll love!
and I use the pronoun 'she', but this gift basket is perfect for anyone~~
I will gift wrap it for Valentine's Day if you'd like!!

Found in this wonderful basket are the following 7 amazing products~~

* MAGI balm~ for muscle aches, arthritis and joint inflammation. Massage on sore muscles after a workout, sore hands after yard work..even sore feet.

* Natural Herbal Decongestant, the better, natural 'vick's' chest rub. Fight colds and bronchitis naturally. Safe for young and old alike.

* Love My Skin Facial Toner AND Skin Tonics facial moisturizer- the natural way to beautiful skin. With essential oils, apricot kernel oil and skin-loving jojoba oil.

*Migraine Madness roll on- for calming big or little headaches. This oil is loved by many.

*Defense oil- the all around anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti- plague, anti-flu oil. Wear a few drops daily on your wrist...add to a diffuser or a humidifier...the uses are endless. This is my version of thieves oil, only better.

*Calm~roll-on to help you calm and focus. This also helps calm anxiety, and has helped kids with autism and ADHD. A relaxing blend of ylang-ylang, chamomile, lavender, rose and frankincense.

The carrier oils in my blends are a mix of grapeseed, sunflower, safflower, jojoba oils with vitamin E.

The products come in a box, nested on a bed of decorative confetti or peat moss. 

sold separately, this is valued at over $65

Make someone happy- and treat them to this unique gift box~