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Sage's Aromatherapy & Oils will be at the Windy City Trade Show for the first time this year! If you're a buyer, stop by booth 249, say hi and see some of the fantastic products we offer.

Winter time is sick time for so many. Some people spend much of the cold months huddled indoors, fighting the flu, colds, name it.  So what are YOU doing to stay healthy?  I think the first thing to do it~ go outside!! Give your body some fresh air! Stale, indoor air is not good for you; your lungs need the nice crisp air! Your skin will glow! Take a little walk- you don't have to walk fast. Work up a little sweat. Wear a scarf over your mouth if the air hurts. Let your muscles move!

  Then come inside, make some tea, and use the MAGI balm on those sore muscles. Put the Natural Herbal Decongestant on your chest once a week to stay healthy, and use it EVERYDAY when you're fighting a cold! I made this for everyone- it's especially great for the little ones- and it's natural, of course. 

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